The VeinCareTeam App

Through this app, the Vein Care Team specialists can keep in constant contact with patients and doctors, providing support in the event of queries and ensuring they can be reached even when far away.

The VeinCareTeam App is a free software application that can be downloaded on your smartphone. It offers:
- A useful tool for securely and directly managing your relationship with your specialist.
- The option to choose how to contact your specialist and where to find him.
- The option to send photos of a clinical nature that worry you, as well as medical reports and much more, securely and confidentially to your specialist through the patient portal, and to receive a reply to your queries.
- If you are a doctor, the option to interact with colleagues through the doctor portal to resolve clinical queries in real time, share experiences and discuss clinical presentation and disease progression.

Download the Veincareteam App from iTunes

Download the Veincareteam App from 
Android Market