The modern approach to CVD

The VEIN CARE TEAM takes a modern and effective approach to chronic venous disease (CVD) and its related problems.

Our skills have been honed thanks to years of dedicated research and practical experience in the field of phlebology and lymphology, by performing ultrasounds and developing vascular diagnostics, and we have also acquired significant experience with mini-invasive surgical techniques: laser ablation (EVLA, ELVES), radiofrequency (RF, ClosureFast) and cyanoacrylate (Venaseal). As a result, today we are able to offer a 360° view of the complications associated with chronic venous disease (CVD) and its correct treatment, whether medical, surgical or elastic compression therapy, and we are recognising the ever more apparent and important connection with conditions linked to other specialisms that have an impact on the venous and lymphatic systems.

By trusting in the Vein Care Team, you will be in the expert hands of a surgical team of chronic venous disease advanced treatment specialists.

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