Questions for your specialist phlebologist

You should always choose a phlebologist who devotes a large amount of their time to following venous disease, who is trained to use a Doppler ultrasound and who can safely conduct surgery and sclerotherapy techniques, as well as conservative therapy, in order to reduce the risk of symptom recurrence.

The following is a list of important questions that, according to the American College of Phlebology, your specialist phlebologist should be able to answer:
• What phlebology training do you have and where did you receive your training?
• What is your primary specialty?
• What percentage of your time do you devote to phlebology?
• Are you a member of a professional phlebology society?
• Are you trained to use a colour Doppler ultrasound?
• What procedures do you perform, how many have you done and who currently performs the procedures?
• Will I need more than one procedure? Why? Why not?
• What are the complications that you have seen with these procedures?
• What kind of follow-up will I need, and what can I do to prevent recurrence of my varicose veins?
• What are the causes of varicose disease in my case?
• What are the risks if I decide not to treat my varicose veins?
• What can I do to minimise complications with my varicose veins?
• What will I feel during surgery?
• What are the long-term effects of LASER, RADIOFREQUENCY and CYANOACRYLATE GLUE ABLATION?
• What complications could occur with LASER, RADIOFREQUENCY and CYANOACRYLATE GLUE ABLATION?

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